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HELLO, MY NAME IS NAT, and I write books about teens who like to get themselves in trouble and then expect me to get them out of it. I am completely incapable of planning anything (books, vacations, weekend outings, lunch). I'd like to believe this incapability makes my work random and quirky because let's be honest, I had no idea that was going to happen either. I'm represented by Brianne Johnson of Writers House, who can actually turn books into gold.

I love stories. All kinds. Especially ones with antiheroes and/or a tinge of something creepy. I'm very interested in why good people are good and bad people are bad and what makes them that way. I like reversed roles, rules, unexpected humor, sword fights, and well-timed "Awww" moments:

I'd feel an immense and constant sadness
if Zombieland had never been made.

I used to program stuff. Once upon a time, I wrote code at a desk in a freezing building. Sometimes I miss the snacks, but I much prefer writing worlds to writing web pages.

I write for teens because they are our future and they are brilliant. I want to write books that keep them using that brilliant imagination. I also really miss the days when friends and relationships came before jobs and bills.

If you think I might provide further entertainment value, you can try and keep up with me on Twitter. Or, you know, read my blog. I've tricked you into getting this far, you may as well keep going.

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