Want to work with me on your unpublished YA or NA book? I've done over 190 contest critiques from my time in Pitch Wars and numerous full manuscript critiques for both my critique partners (all of whom are agented/have sold their books to publishers) and my Pitch Wars mentees. Let me help you polish those pages and catch the attention of an agent!

I'm an editor for Cornerstones, a UK-based editing company that's just expanded to the US, who helps aspiring authors tighten their work and prepare it for submission. The best part about Cornerstones is we're not just an editing service - when we find something that's ready for publication, we can recommend you directly to our agent connections. (This is an optional service, of course, but it'll put you at the top of the radar for some of the industry's best.)

If you're curious about what to expect, check out my post here on developmental edits. Then check out Cornerstones' rates and services and mention you'd like to work with me on your manuscript. I look forward to diving into your world!

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